cropped-3Ga3J33Hd5N75I55J1d2efee5d66f96db1ab1.jpgYour winter breathing solution!

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First Time in the U.S. -LUNGPLUS Breathing Device


MUST if you love to be outside in the cold weather running,hiking, skiing, snowshoeing!


Lungplus will make exercising significantly easier without fogging up your glasses!


Lungplus will also help you breath when you have a cold, throat pain, dry cough, and will act in a preventative manner for asthmatics.


Lungplus is a small mouth-worn humidity and heat exchanger device that converts cold incoming air into warmer, more humid air.


Lungplus is easy to clean in the dishwasher or hot waterIMG_2891


Get a LUNGPLUS unit and ski like the Norwegians! 


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  1. Ed Corazalla says:

    Hello, Has anyone done a published study on this for people with EIB(exercise induced Bronchial spasam? I am wondering this will help some of my skiers with asthma? I might be interested in doing a study

    Thanks Ed

    • lungplus says:


      I know the University of Wisconsin Madison has done a study on it in some capacity. Most studies were done over seas. I basically have EIB which is why I started using it and it took care of it! Do your skiers also have issues when it is warm out when running and biking or just in the colder weather? After getting one last year, I was finally able to ski the Korte and breathe for the first time in 18 years. I had tried the Avenger mask,an inhaler, and other different fleece face coverings. This was the only thing that worked! If you were interested in doing a study, that would be great! I hope to reach all those high school and college skiers who have issues with breathing and have a discount for them right now too.
      It also works great for colds and skiing. The Norwegian sit skier at the paralympics was ill all week with a bad cold. She did not have breathing issues that required any additional help besides the cold. Her coach had her use the Lungplus Sport unit and she won the gold.

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