15874873_596234933897250_6948322617191495165_oToday in beautiful New Hampshire it was a sunny 37* outside. We are getting Spring fever and Cora was itching to get outside. We normally cannot go outside for more than 15 minutes at this temperature. Today we applied Warm Skin lotion and layered her clothes to enjoy some time outside. To our utter amazement, Cora stayed outside for five hours without reaction!!!! I repeat, WITHOUT reaction! I am in tears as I write this because this is a miracle! We even got to ride her bike with her friend using the Lung Plus. A bike ride! 37*! Unbelievable! Today with premedication, Warm Skin and Lung Plus, my 5 year old got to be a kid and play outside…for HOURS! I feel such relief and gratitude. Life is good. Get out and enjoy it…we are! Cold UrticariaIMG_0123


Lung plus

I’ve had the opportunity to try out WarmSkin skin protectant and the Lungplus mouthpiece from Eve.  I’ve been diagnosed with cold urticaria about 3 or 4 years ago after going nuts about why I kept breaking out in hives and two years after the birth of my second child.  I had my third child with the diagnosis and though she had many food allergy concerns, she does not have CU (phew!).


The Aurora WarmSkin lotion helps nourish my extremely dry skin and acts as a barrier to help me handle the cold.  I honestly expected some greasy feel since my skin tends to soak up any lotion but still remain dry with a film of greasiness over it. The WarmSkin did pretty good.  I also tested it on half of my face and the other bare to see how the difference felt.  The cheek with it on was pink rosy but the other side without was its blotchy usual and then itchy with hives when I got back in.  This was being out for 15 minutes.


I tried the Lungplus without the WarmSkin while out playing with my 3 kids for about an hour and a half.  It was the greatest feeling just being able to be out there with my kids having fun in the snow.  I don’t know how the contraption works to keep my body warm for me to not have any hives reaction throughout the time outside and even afterwards in the house.  I tried it again for a second time for a longer time, a bit over 2 hours.  Again, my body was fine.  I still prepared my layers of clothing top and bottom.  I did not exert myself physically the first time but on the second time, I went out to shovel and play.  My breathing was nice and deep.  I didn’t have any problem with feeling cold, breaking out in hives, or shortness of breath.  I felt that I could actually stay out longer and be okay.


Thank you, Eve for finding the WarmSkin and Lungplus.  I have a way to be out with my family during Winter and participate with them in the sports that we’ve always wanted to try.  I won’t have to be left behind in a warm place and wait for them to return, I can be with them and try out these winter sports myself!


Felicia, CU

I got diagnosed with CU 3 years ago. Each winter has gotten progressively worse. My kids play high school soccer and of course it is a winter sport. Living in Florida you would think that wouldn’t be a problem! Well it is when the lowest temp you can handle is 67 F and in Florida it gets that low with that lovely wet humidity. I have never missed a soccer game due to this condition until this year. So far this winter I have missed 2 soccer games, almost passed out at the movie theater, been disoriented, and unable to enjoy my walks outside. I was given a link to Lungplususa.com in one of support groups. Once I contacted Eve about her amazing device I was convinced I had to try it out! I tried the Lungplus out at my son’s soccer game where the temps were 65 F, windy, and 7:20-9:00at night. It worked amazingly! I was able to stay the entire game! I tried it again at another game where the temps were 60 F, no wind, and the same time. I had the same results! I was able to stay the entire game, didn’t have to use my inhaler, had no confusion, and no signs of losing consciousness. For those of you that struggle with breathing in the cold the Lungplus device works great! Without it I would not be able to see my son play soccer and enjoy being outside. I don’t have snow, but I do have some beautiful beaches where I live. Now I can still enjoy them in the winter!