I wanted to share my experience with Lungplus from this Sunday: I was XC skiing alone and fell, badly twisting my knee. I knew I could not ski or walk out. It was 9 F. I was in lightweight ski clothes, which were already wet with sweat. I called for help. As I was waiting to be rescued, I managed to get myself up on one foot to try to move a bit to keep warm. My fingers and toes were already getting cold after just a few minutes, as was my whole lower body. I breathed heavily in and out of my Lungplus, because the warm air coming in from it was the only warmth I had. That Lungplus kept my core amazingly warm- it really was a godsend in this situation. Here’s a photo of my rescue and my Lungplus. I loved skiing and running with it already, now I appreciate it even more for its emergency cold weather use. Gini


12694656_10208321615620670_7592761022200228059_o 15873320_10211346998293346_5542960617220989394_nI am a Meteorologist in Minnesota and I’m always outside doing live weather reports in the snow and cold. I use Lung Plus throughout the winter and it’s a life saver when it comes to being outside for extended periods of time, in the frigid cold temperatures. I’ve used it in -40 degree wind chills and temperatures -30 below zero. Instead of the cold and strong wind gusts knocking the air out of me and making it hard to breathe, it keeps me breathing comfortable and actually warms my lungs! I can breathe with ease as it warms my body up, keeping me significantly warmer than I would be otherwise! I won’t go outside without it if the temperatures are bitter. I am also a huge outdoor enthusiast and enjoy skiing, hiking and other activities during the cold winter months. The cold doesn’t stop me and I can now triple my time outside with this simple device. When you breathe heavier from cardio, this Lung Plus makes it tolerable! It’s amazing! I tied a string around it so I can conveniently have it around my neck. It fits comfortably in your mouth and doesn’t get in the way! It’s durable and lightweight. You almost forget you even have it in your mouth after 5 minutes! It’s worth every penny and I strongly recommend it for anyone who works outside or wants to be active during the winter months! Beat the winter depression and find a winter activity you love, grab a LP and get outside ANY month of the year, no matter the temperatures!17264156_625208124333264_8437644117053299369_n 17361881_625208220999921_4415408788035631977_n